Dara Mosher


The Artist and Techniques

The Potter


Dara blends both form and function in her work. Nature is all around us – surfacing in subtle ways through the colors and textures of our surroundings. Inspired by nature's color and textures, Dara incorporates the natural world in many pieces.  nature carvings and designs compliment the forms in a harmonious fashion.   The colors of nature are reflected in the combinations of glazes and designs, showcasing earth tones as well as the bright vibrant colors of the sun.        



A variety of techniques are used to create the one of a kind pottery pieces. 

Scraffitto allows the designs to be scratched into the clay to reveal a scene of nature. Mishima is an inlaid technique allowing pictures and designs to be created. Hand painted designs frequent both decorative and functional pieces. Individually stamped sayings personalize mugs and decorative pots.

Mishima is incorporates a design carved into the clay and then inlaid with a colored slip prior to firing. 

Layered glazes on bowls create unique patterns and bring out the natural characteristics of the clay. 

Firings include traditional reduction and oxidation firings plus alternative firings such as raku  and obvarra.