About the Name and the Pottery


Sycamore Canyon Pottery...

Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park is a 1,500 acre park that is a protected reserve in Riverside, California.  Dara is inspired by views of the stream, coyotes, birds, squirrels, and nature in general.  Her wheel looks out on the canyon and is a constant reminder of nature.  This motif of nature is reflected in all decorative and functional pieces.


Wheelthrown and Handbuilt

Ceramic pieces are thrown on the potters wheel, hand built using slabs, carved pieces, and a combination of these techniques.  Both traditional and alternative firing is used to obtain specific effects reflecting the colors and textures from nature and the canyon.

Both hand carving and hand painting gives each piece a unique one of a kind surface design.  


Botanical Pottery

From early morning till night, the sounds of the birds in the canyon are constant; the trees, greenery, and wild flowers follow the seasons.  The pieces all reflect some aspect of the nature of the canyon represented on functional and decorative pottery.   View the Gallery page to see more of nature's images.